Needle time!

Introductions are hard to write and mine usually end up in being a bit too long and a bit boring. So straight to the point, this is yet another blog about music. It does not intend to please anyone else besides myself. It is, if you want, a musical diary which I have no problem in sharing with other people.

I’ve been searching for a name for a while now, but as John Paul Jones put it in an interview, these days you think you might’ve just had a great idea for a name (in his case for a band – Them Crooked Vultures) and discover that someone else in Toronto or Burkina Faso had it before you. But I was surprised to see that no one had thought of Needle Time before. I can think of a few cases where it would be great, from heroin dealers to penicillin companies. And, of course, a music-blog and (hopefully) a radio show.

To put it in a few words, due to complicated copyright laws, the BBC radio stations were limited to a restricted number of recorded music that they could play in 24h. So they had to fill most of the time with live performances which I think was a pretty cool thing, and had awesome results. You can find some more info on the needle time on Wikipedia, but I recommend searching for (I think) any BBC sessions records and read the booklets. I’ve recently bought the The Jimi Hendrix Experience BBC Sessions on a very good triple-record and was entertained by *insert name of the guy who wrote the text* explanation of why they are so many recordings from BBC’s archives.

So there you go, this is a blog for my own personal amusement and will be filled with my joy of all the records and CDs I have and will have. And since I’ve mentioned Jimi, here’s the track that ends the BBC Sessions collection, a short but energetic cover of Sunshine of your love. Enjoy.

Oh, and here’s the ‘rubbish’ they were playing in that show: