Bill Withers: Just As I Am & Live at Carnegie Hall

The obsession of the moment, mister Bill Withers. Known for his great “Ain’t no sunshine”, I’ve become a fan recently because of “Moanin and Groanin”, both from the same debut album Just As I Am.

I got the discography but so far I haven’t made it past Just As I Am and a bit of his Live at Carnegie Hall, where I’ve discovered the awesome “World Keeps Going Around”.

Live at Carnegie has this jam and a few others, maybe half of the debut album and some other songs I didn’t really get to listen to but I know they are on other albums. There’s a documentary out about him, titled after his second album, Still Bill. The man is still alive, not sure how well he is at his 75 years but I can’t find any information about recent or future concert so I’m assuming he’s not performing anymore. But hey, Rodriguez came back from the dead so one can only hope, though I’m not sure how well his voice might sound.  Here’s the second successful single from JAIA: