Jake Holmes – The Above Ground Sound

I don’t think I had the opportunity on this blog to say how much I like Led Zeppelin. Or how I consider Jimmy Page to be an absolute musical genius. Well there, I’ve said it. What I like the most about them is their ability to take some songs and do this crazy jam, most of the time for more than six minutes, and come out with something that sounds insanely good. Take Rock and Roll. Or How many more times. Or, what was for a long time my favourite song – Dazed and Confused.

The problem with Mr Page is that he felt so proud of the results of those jams, that he forgot who made the songs initially. So Led Zeppelin got sued a lot. And accused of plagiarism even more. But somehow, they’ve managed to keep on rockin’. With Dazed and Confused the story is a bit weird.

Jake Holmes is a folk man and jingle writer whose first album The Above Ground Sound includes Dazed and Confused. When Led Zeppelin I came out, Mr Holmes wrote a letter to Mr Page, saying it is not nice what he did. I mean, he probably liked the version, but he didn’t like the fact that he got no credits. The Led Zeppelin man didn’t reply, Mr Holmes didn’t insist. Until a few years ago, when he finally sued. I don’t understand why he waited so long, but he did.

Anyway, the album The Above Ground Sound has been growing on me for a while now. Penny’s is a soft simple and relaxing folk tune, that reminded me of the kind of stuff I used to listen to from a Romanian folk man, Mr Andries.

As usual, wikipedia has more on Jake Holmes and his work. I want more from him now, because he seems to have kept the good work going. Here’s one last song from The Above Ground Sound, Did you know.