Soul from Suits – Charles Bradley: No time for Dreaming

If I’ve talked with you in the past three days, then most certainly I’ve mentioned my new obsession: Suits. One of the reasons I consider this show awesome is Harvey’s record collection. This wonderful website (as many others) has a list with songs from the show, and if I got it right, there is only one record played throughout the entire first season: Charles Bradley & The Menahan Street Band – No time for Dreaming.

Now, I am no expert in soul, but Mr. Charles Bradley must be one of the best male soul artists in the last 20 years, at least. Surprisingly, No time for Dreaming came out in 2007 and is his first and only record. All the songs used in the show are great, and I thought they were made by original soul artists, Motown or Stax. Heartaches and Pain is featured in the season one’s finale, a tune which I think you could easily find on any of Otis Redding’s albums.

The record company behind Mr. Bradley is Daptone Records, a Brooklyn based ‘House of Soul’, with a declared mission to revive and celebrate the funk and soul of the 60s and 70s(says Wikipedia). And I have to say they are doing a goddamn good job, with acts like this one or Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings (of whom I will write at one point). If the first song was not enough to convince you to listen to the rest of No time for Dreaming, here’s the shocker of the album: a cover version of Nirvana’s Stay Away. Yes, a song written by Kurt Cobain, one with very aggressive and loud drums and guitar and with an ending verse that claims God is gay. Charles Bradley & The Menahan Street Band take it and turn it into a modern soul track, replacing the anger with soul screaming sounds and the aggressiveness with funky wah-wah guitar effects. Enjoy.