What a day for a daydream!

I am on a spree! The first week of my musical adventure can be considered a success, since I’ve managed to get my hands on four of Lennon’s Jukebox singles and several other collectables. The first single I’m going to talk about is not the first I’ve acquired but the one with, in my opinion, the best B side. I’ve heard Daydream before, most probably in a commercial or something like that, but I never thought of searching who is playing it.

The Lovin’ Spoonful are a band I can’t tell you much about, but I’m pretty sure in a few weeks I’ll grow a tiny obsession on their music. Night Owl Blues, the B side of the single, is an absolute killer. A classic blues bass line, a harmonica that gives you the thrills, all topped with the perfect guitar solo. I’ve heard just two songs from The Lovin’ Spoonful (and how different they are!) and they’ve managed, as many others, to make me regret I can’t go back and live in the 60s.


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